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  • What you can't measure,
    you can't improve

Energy Management System

It is a software system which gathers the data from different type of meters and form meaningful information in the shape of Graphs, Tables, Trends and Historical analysis to identify the cause of any issue.

Energy Audit

A full-fledged energy analysis of the organization, starting from a furnace, boilers to offices, ACs. The analysis results in the form of a report which consist efficient energy usage practices and energy conservation solutions.

Asset Health Assessment

It focuses on securing the potential to save marginal electrical energy by assessment utility which analytically identifies the mechanical and the electrical faults from motor which are occurring or may occur in the future.

An Energy Data Analytics Platform

It is designed to handle quantitative and qualitative data to provide users with an in-depth analysis and insight into your load systems enabling you with possibilities for optimisation, energy OPEX savings, and building efficiency in their load networks.

  • Reduction in energy OPEX costs
  • No human intervention for data processing analysis
  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Power quality analysis
  • Identification and prevention of downtime of assets
  • Alarms and triggers for preventive control to avoid loss

Data Acquisition & Analytics

Collection of energy-related data through high-end instruments. Generates anlaytics by algorithm designed by energy experts.

Energy Efficiency

Solutions to enhance & achieve the energy efficiency of the organization. It helps to save big.

Demand-side Management

Organize the demand of the organization, department-wise, and control to avoid penalties.


Improve the power quality to optimize the functions of the machines

Downtime Reduction

Reduce the losses by monitoring and controlling the power quality

Asset Specific Analytics

Accurate analytics depending on the load connected to the system

Sensor & Hardware Agnostic Solutions

Supports most of all make sensors and hardware meters to work with the system.

Across Industry Verticals

Services for all the industry verticals where there is intense energy use.

Energy Consultancy

Periodical analysis of the organization for the complete energy health check-up.

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