Reduction in energy OPEX costs

Directly increase profits by saving on energy expenses

Overall equipment efficiency

Achieve maximum efficiency of the equipment by tracking the power quality

Complete Power quality analysis

Eliminate failure of equipment to reduce the loss

Identification of downtime of assets

Know when the equipment was down and analyze it to improve it​

Energy Data Analytics Platform is a cloud-based next generation energy data analytics platform for demand side management of energy loads and process parameter monitoring.

It is designed to handle quantitative and qualitative data to provide users with an in-depth analysis and insight into their load systems enabling them with possibilities for optimisation, energy OPEX savings, and building efficiency in their load networks.

The added value addition provided by the system is its problem diagnosis engine based on the trends and data mining of historical data in cloud of an asset preventing expensive downtimes and breakdown of machines, motors, transformers and other loads.

User Customisable Dashboard

Multiple User specific dashboard Can be customised with relevant reports from CEO, to manager, and to the actual user of the specific load.

Real Time Data Visualisation

Real time load parameter visualisation Analog, digital, graphical, and heat maps etc formats to choose from for quick viewing

Data Analytics Engine

Reporting tool for data in predefined as well as user defined format with configurable parameters.

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