Battery backup system monitoring

18 December 2023 by
Battery backup system monitoring
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Ajay Kolte

The Problem

Battery bank systems are the most essential type of stand alone system. One can effectively avoid the overcharging or undercharging of batteries to maintain uniformity among them and subsequently increase their shelf life.

Monitoring of energy parameters to understand the battery health is of prime concern. The level of accumulated current indication was one of the key requirements for maintenance purposes. Further, backup systems need a minimum charge of 80% of their total capacity to function.


The Solution

Dedicated devices for monitoring the accumulated current (Ah) of the battery bank were used for this application. The DC Energy Meter with marc gateway continuously measures a voltage (rated) and a current (rated), based on these measurements, calculates the value of accumulated current (capacity), which quantifies the amount of charge transferred in Ah. The value of the capacity counter can be used to measure the transferred charge (for battery charging).  The possible setup for this application is depicted in the below figure. The output of the battery bank is supplied to the DC energy meter via shunt.

Further, there is provision for alarm output which is useful in case the battery level goes above or below its rated charging level. With this indication, uniformity in  the charging level of batteries can be maintained. This measurement value can also be supplied as an analog output for further processing.

The Benefits

  • Effectively avoid the overcharging or undercharging of batteries
  • Bidirectional voltage measurement
  • Alarm indication on screen
  • Safe, reliable, easy to use and cost effective monitoring system.
  • Through remote access, the asset owner can evaluate the status of the equipment without sending an engineer to the site, saving both valuable time and resources. It gives the asset owner access to real-time condition monitoring, even from remote locations.
  • When changes in operating conditions are detected, the operator is notified immediately with the probable cause of the change and a remedy to act upon.
  • Since monitoring detects condition changes in real-time ,versus periodically with traditional diagnostic methods, the asset owner has time to plan and act before faults occur.
Battery backup system monitoring
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Ajay Kolte 18 December 2023
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