The ultimate cloud IIoT platform for industries

Sensor agnostic platform for data management of your devices, equipments, and machines

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User Customisable Dashboard
Hardware Sensor Agnostic
Parameter Agnostics
Real-Time Data Visualisation
Custom Excel
Auto Report on Email
Secure Hosting
Asset Specific App's
Mobile App
Configurable Apps
API access
Reports & Analytics
Dedicated Support
Configurable MIS
Notifications & Alarms

Energy Management

We provide industry leading Energy Management Solution integrated with meters to help customers to optimise their energy consumption with demand control, alerts and insights correlating their baseline and production output.

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Remote Monitoring

Our marc platform along with gateway can transmit data of GSM/LAN from remote sites to our cloud helping customers measure, control and analyze their remote equipment and assets across the globe and help to get the data at central locations.

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Water Management

Our platform helps users measure utilities and control quantitative and qualitative parameters of water treatment plants, pumping stations, and water consumption.

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