Energy Management at Sandip Foundation

15 December 2023 by
Energy Management at Sandip Foundation
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Akshay Goliya

Project Overview
Client: ​Sandip Foundation Group of Institutes
Location: Nashik, Maharashtra
Application: Energy monitoring and mapping of incoming and outgoing feeders
Product: software (EMS)
Area: ​250 acres

Sandip Foundation established in 2005, affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University is the epitome of knowledge across Maharashtra and also well known for its best engineering colleges & management colleges in Nashik. 

We have created a benchmark in providing world-class programs to educate students of different fields. Our Institute has been ranked in the top 100 colleges in India and thereby managed to attract some of the very prestigious recruiters, and they have built a talent pipeline from Sandip Foundation to fulfil their talent requirements constantly. 

Our Faculties have set sublime standards for departing knowledge in terms of technical and managerial aspects in the new era of dynamic globalisation.

Our Foundation has numerous colleges situated in the city of Nashik and Sijoul offering a wide range of courses in engineering, management, pharmacy and polytechnic.


Sandip Foundation is a multi-disciplinary educational institution comprising three distinct academic divisions. Situated on a sprawling campus spanning over 250 acres, this institution offers a wide spectrum of educational programs, encompassing Engineering, Management, Science, Arts, Pharmacy, and Polytechnic Studies. 

To accommodate its students, the campus also provides separate hostel facilities. However, managing energy consumption on such a vast and diversified campus has presented challenges. 

The institution relies on five different energy input sources, making manual reporting and monitoring a complex and arduous task. Consequently, the institution struggled to effectively control and regulate energy usage, particularly in areas that were unoccupied for extended periods. 

This inefficiency in energy management resulted in substantial and unnecessary electricity bills, especially during holiday periods when many parts of the campus remained vacant. The financial strain caused by these excessive energy costs was not the only concern. 

The institution also found itself expending precious time and effort in dealing with these energy-related issues, diverting resources away from its core educational mission.

In summary, Sandip Foundation faced a significant problem with energy management due to its expansive and diverse campus, multiple energy sources, and the absence of an efficient monitoring system. This issue not only inflated their operational costs but also detracted from their overall focus on education and student welfare

The ESL approach 

The solution to Sandip Foundation's energy management challenges involved the installation of an Energy Monitoring System (EMS) Cloud, which was implemented across more than 100 meters within their extensive campus. These meters were strategically placed in key locations, including the Main Administrative Building, Girls' Hostel, Boys' Hostel, Canteen, Sub-station 1, Sub-station 2, and the Solar Generation Plant. 

With the EMS Cloud in place, the institution experienced several significant improvements. One of the key advantages was the generation of digital reports, which streamlined the process of handling and analysing energy consumption data. This digitalization made it considerably easier to process the data efficiently and effectively. By leveraging these digital reports, the institution gained the ability to pinpoint which premises were consuming energy without any occupancy. Armed with this insight, they were able to take targeted corrective actions to curtail unnecessary energy usage in those areas. 

This proactive approach significantly contributed to energy conservation and cost reduction. The implementation of the 'marc' system further optimized the energy monitoring system, allowing for real-time access to energy data across the premises.

 This real-time visibility provided a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute view of energy consumption patterns, facilitating prompt responses to irregularities. As a result of these combined efforts, the institution achieved remarkable reductions in its electricity bills. 

Their annual savings amounted to nearly 10 million rupees, a substantial financial benefit that not only alleviated their previous financial strain but also served as a testament to the effectiveness of the EMS Cloud and 'marc' system in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability across their diverse campus.

  • With the help marc we are monitoring total incoming power and total consumption power. 
  • Mobile app of marc system actually brings the data of energy meters on the finger tips & in the current situation of COVID-19 / Lock-down , we get the data on Mobile and keep track on the energy consumption of each feeder. 
  • Time stamped data to trace the consumption without occupancy. 
  • Reduction in required manpower hours. 
  • Online data assessment by soft copy documentation. Reports in expected and customised format. 
  • Comparisons became achievable by real- time fine tuning. 
  • Alarm & Notification feature eventually keeps eye on the important parameter current values or movement & help us to focus on the other important points rather then keeping eye on the important parameters like pf, KVA.
Energy Management at Sandip Foundation
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Akshay Goliya 15 December 2023
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