Garden Vareli

28 August 2023 by
Garden Vareli
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Ajay Kolte

Project Overview
Client: ​Garden Vareli
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Application: Open Access monitoring 
Product: marc.desktop software (EMS)
Area: ​1.4 premises

Garden Vareli is the brand name of Garden Silk Mills Limited, a company dedicated for more than 80 years for the design and creation of high-quality textile prints, fabrics and textile intermediates for consumers and businesses. The company’s products encompass the entire value chain in textiles, specialising in the manufacture of polyester filament-based yarns, textile-grade polyester polymer, and fashion fabrics for women’s outerwear in polyester and pure cotton. The company is the largest seller of branded sarees and dress materials in India.


Garden Vareli uses Open Access Power Trading option to cater its daily energy requirements. Power trading requires bidding of the power requirements for next day as per its forecasted production schedule and consumption estimate.

There was no provision to measure & track their energy consumption.

There were no reports which gave the data of consumption of energy due to which they paid penalties to the utility corporation for their extra consumption of energy.

Power factor was not maintained at desirable levels.

The ESL approach

A very brief discussion concluded the need for an energy monitoring tool along with the network of energy measuring meter and sensors.

We gave them 10 meters along with the customized software base which provided them the data-acquisition tools for automatically capturing data within an interval of 1 minute. As all electrical data was logged automatically, manual data collection and data entries were eliminated.

ESL supplied the system along with measuring devices for incoming as well as outgoing feeders. The solution consisted of networking of Multifunction energy meters with the MARC server PC.

The energy-related data additionally helped to take decision for maintaining power factor & harmonics at the desired levels that in-turn resulted in reduction of energy losses.


The estimated goals were achieved by ESL's holistic approach and the in-depth understanding of issues related to energy consumption as well as controlling their maximum demand limits.

The benefits achieved were as follows-

  • Automatic data monitoring.
  • Power factor maintenance.
  • Energy consumption levels are now maintained.
  • maximum demand is been controlled within the limits.
  • Forecasting of energy requirements could be established, thus reducing the problem of buying excess units at a higher rate.
Garden Vareli
EnergySolution Labs Pvt Ltd, Ajay Kolte 28 August 2023
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